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Overcast or overcast weather is the meteorological condition of clouds obscuring 95% or more of the sky.

Overcast happens when the entire sky becomes covered with clouds; hence the word to describe it. Sometimes clouds can be different colors such as black or white, but the word usually refers to grey. In extreme cases, it can be impossible to see distinct borders of clouds; the whole sky will be a dull white with no gaps of blue in between. Sometimes in a severe case of overcast, places across the sea look as if the clouds are hanging right down over the islands such as Herm.

Periods of overcast weather can range from a few hours to several days. Overcast weather can also affect people suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

Watches and Warnings

Frost warning: Edmundston and Madawaska County

Frost warning: Edmundston and Madawaska County

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